touchscreen mobile phone with virtual imagesHow does your business measure up in mobile marketing?

The mobile web will soon be the dominant choice in internet usage, overtaking web browsing on PCs and laptops by next year. Over 30% of website visits are now on a mobile phone or tablet. People use their mobile devices for any of a wide variety of things – shopping, searching, entertainment, and more – and these are all aspects you could add to your mobile website to increase your reach and broaden your customer base.

Here’s some ideas of how to check how your business measures up in the mobile world

Check in with Google Analytics to see how much of your website traffic is coming in from a mobile device.  It’s probably a lot higher than you realized.  Compare it to last year if possible to see the percentage increase.

Check out your website on several different mobile and tablet devices.  Does your website represent you appropriately on a smaller device or is there some work to be done?  Is it easy to use?  Easy to click and navigate?

Get Found – Make sure people can easily find your address as soon as they Google you.  This is especially important if you are a brick and mortar business.  Log on to Google Places and the like and claim your listing or improve your listing.

Review Your Business Reviews –  Find out what people are saying about you on Yelp and other online review sites.  Check it out from your phone to get a quick snapshot.  Take these reviews seriously and think about how you can either: a) boost customer feedback if needed or b) utilize already 5-star reviews to drive more loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

Double check your email marketing campaigns: are they correctly formatted for people who are reading your emails from their phone?

Consider Text marketing.  Would you and your customers benefit from getting occasional coupon codes or notifications on their phone?  If you’re a restaurant or spa, for example, consider the power of filling empty seats by sending a text.

Consider how a smartphone app could benefit your brand and increase sales. Smartphone apps aren’t for every brand, but they are important to consider.  Could an app make it easier for your customers to buy and recommend you?  Would an app set you apart from your competitors?

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